1st May 2019

We are SSSSSSSSSSSSOoooooooooo grateful to EVERYONE who believed enough in us and popped their tokens into our slot -   There are 3 prizes available, up to £1,000, £2,000 and £4,000 and as one of the other groups requests was for another defibulator for Beccles, we very much doubt we’ll come first

BUT! where ever we come we WILL be able to plant our second SHE SHED - And that’s REALLY exciting!!!
Apparently we won’t know until June (ish) where we came but as soon as we find out we’ll let you all know

Thank you ALL again for all your support, It’s been great to see how many of you also believe Women Like Me IS GREAT x

October 2018

Awards for All - National Lottery Funding

We are extremely pleased to announce we have recently secured National Lottery Awards for All funding to help build new and worthwhile experiences /groups/networks for Women to create and participate in, these activities will focus on increasing their positive well-being and help grow their feelings of self-worth that will enable them to enjoy a sense of increased empowerment.

Starting in the New Year, we shall be running a variety of one off workshops - from Mindfulness to Basic Car Maintenance. Setting up the first She Shed project on our allotment in Lowestoft - with every intention and desire to have a network of our sheds across Suffolk & Norfolk and increasing participation on the fantastically successful Garden Angel project we set up earlier in the year.

We will create a safe + friendly environment to help all Women Like Me members feel better equipped and supported to live full and enriched lives and to help them gain and increase a greater self of Positive Well-Being. We will work on positive outcomes - we will celebrate all successes and failures because TOGETHER we will Learn Laugh and Grow.

To find out more please visit our Website and Facebook page. And if you either have an idea for a workshop other women might like OR would like to deliver a workshop for us please get in touch.