Lets Learn, Laugh and Grow Together

We aim to help make Women feel they have something to give, to show them someone does care and together help create a Women's movement where we can all learn to laugh and grow together.

                                                                                                -You'll never know how far you can fly until you let your wings unfold - 

                                                                                                -You'll never know how far you can fly until you let your wings unfold - 


Our Beginning

The hunt began to find others to create a Voluntary organisation to engage with Women to help them to learn laugh and grow together and to become part of a movement to help us all feel strong, confident and happy.

We do not profess to be able to 'make you better' but by becoming a member of Women Like Me we believe you will begin to feel less isolated and hopefully begin to look forward with a more positive outlook.

We believe there is nothing Women Like Me can't do together and together we can help ourselves feel a greater sense of calm - peacefulness and strength.

“We all know a happy healthy Woman makes the world spin just that little bit smoother.”



Mental health problems have been increasing over the recent years and Women tend to be affected more than Men, this could be due to the many roles women tend to play. Being someone wife - partner- daughter - mother and only then OURSELVES.

The difference between the two sexes is Women tend to be more likely to seek help and support but there are very few services out there just for Women so we felt this had to change and Women Like Me was born .

We will be growing and developing new services during this year - and beyond. We'd love to hear what you'd like to see, so drop us a line and we'll try to help . 

The kettle will always be on because you can't beat a nice cup of Tea

The kettle will always be on because you can't beat a nice cup of Tea

Our Mission

To help build Women's self esteem and sense of  positive well-being to ensure we feel we have someone and somewhere to feel at peace with ourselves and comfortable to be around others. Sharing our stories and life experiences with other Women to help us Learn, Laugh and Grow together.

Learn something new
We can offer courses and workshops to help to build upon your positive well-being


Do something you enjoy

   Tell us what you enjoy and we guarantee we'll find other Women like you

        Share the load

Talking to others does help and if we know how to do something - its talking - that's why the kettles always on


Get Involved

Check out our project pages and if you live near our Lowestoft allotment and would like to get involved then drop us a line and we can have a chat.

Our aim is to set up 'A Place To Be' in as many areas this type of space is needed, so please let us know if you can help us achieve the goal.

We hope to have 'She Shed's in your area too, so if you want one again, let us know and we'll work with you to create this space in your area.

We can also provide small spaces for Women who'd like to see if they've got green fingers or not. Growing 'stuff' is great fun and can be so rewarding, so why not give it a go, you cant do anything wrong - honestly you can't.  We are here to work with you at your pace, so that's how we know you can't get it wrong, just take the first step and drop us a line - we'll have a chat and see where we think we can help.