Well we did tell you we’d be branching out didn’t we!

Here she is - our new allotment, this time in the amazing town of Beccles. And just like our first plot, this one needs a LOT of work to get it looking in some way like an allotment. But just like before - TOGETHER - we will work hard to create another great place for women to have as another - Place To Be.

It’s smaller than APTB 1 but they do say that fantastic things come in little packages and this will be no exception, we’ve got a tiny shed but a huge tree that’s perfect when the sun gets too hot. A variety of fruit bushes - A LOT of rhubarb + Gooseberries - so we can’t wait to gather our first fruits and who knows there may be a crumble or two being produced and maybe even some jam

This will become another allotment where women can join us once or twice a week for a couple of hours. To help cultivate the land, take sometime for themselves - drink tea AND LAUGH (we do a lot of that)

The space will be used to grow a variety of amazing plants - from flowers to squashes - Peas to beans and maybe the odd spud. Together we can grow anything we choose. All of which needs protecting from the fluffy bunnies! Who apparently will try anything and everything out, so a lot of chicken wire and netting will need to be found if we’re ever going to harvest the crops. But there’s a lot of local knowledge around us and we’ll be chatting with all the plot holders to gather tips and tricks to help us. Apparently rabbits don’t like Foxgloves, which is handy because we LOVE them, so that’s our first task to get some of those geminated and planted up.

Lucky old bumble bees are in for a treat this summer

Sooooooooooooo if you live locally and would like to get involved please do get in touch and we can tell you when we’ll be on the plot. Or just stop and say hello if you’re walking past. We love to stop and chat. Local people are SO friendly.

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